Putting the Care in Healthcare

Where has true personal healthcare gone? Personal healthcare is supposed to mean individual and personalized care for the whole person. Yet, even this is hard to come by in a country as developed as the United States. This world is moving so fast. People are in such a hurry and everyday a person’s attention span decreases. Dr. Richard told me that nowadays, doctors stand by the door when speaking with patients. They don’t take the time to sit down and be fully present. It’s crazy to think about how low a bar simply caring for others is, but it is slowly becoming less and less common in practices. Refreshingly, this medical interfaith service project goes above and beyond in order to help in every little thing that we can.

A woman named Edilia came in to Dr. Richard’s office. She was told by a doctor that she had a lung infection and even received an X-ray. During her appointment, she spoke about her job and what her life was like. Simply caring about what she had to say led to a proper diagnosis of what was occurring. There was no lung infection, she was just overworked and her muscles were incredibly sore. She got medication for that but she also talked about how she tragically lost her son recently. She wanted some kind of relief from There are many other places where you can see how the medical team pours their entire heart and soul into caring for these people. Rabbi Spike blessed so many people by going out and purchasing more reader glasses because a lot of people needed it, but only ten remained. Seeing these people smile as they could see better and better was so inspiring.

There was also little Sebastian who couldn’t see. He was premature and ever since he was a baby, he didn’t have his vision. Dr. Lauri has been helping his mom with giving him the necessary resources for his development such as books with braille for him to be able to read and he was set up with a specialist for a blind person who understands Spanish. We can see a lot more personal care in this wonderful clinic with this incredible team. Even with Dr. Deb and Mary helping with building a struggling dad’s confidence back. There is just too much I could talk about because this group has such a big heart for these people. This little clinic is where we put the care in healthcare. We care for the whole person.

-Chay Keran 


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