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Who are we?

Our aim and mission is to build medical and holistic healthcare capacity in partnership with the “Ciudad de Esperanza” in Coban, Guatemala, so that over a period of 5-10 years the community can be self sustaining in meeting their own health care needs. In keeping with Regis University’s mission as a “social projection,” to respond in solidarity and shared faith, hope, and love, with the people of Guatemala and to help our students encounter the “other side” of the immigration crisis at the US southern border. + The project begins each fall with the selection of 10-12 nursing, pre-med, and other pre-healthcare professional students, to help support an existing but rudimentary clinic in Coban, along with a medical team of physicians, nurses, and a pharmacist. + Interested Regis College students apply and interview for a spot on the team in September and those selected begin weekly meetings with the medical team during the fall semester to learn about Guatemalan history and culture

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