Feel The Ground

 Being in Guatemala is such a Blessing, I have learned not only about the medical team but also about the stories of these patients. Often times when working in a healthcare setting, we forget to feel the ground, not only to be present in the moment as we are helping others but also bringing in the body and spirit as one.

During my time with Dr. Lauri, I got the opportunity to encounter different types of situations that families are in. My heart breaks as I hear what these families go through but at the same time my heart fills with up with hope that they will get better and each day they get to feel the ground and continue moving forward.

One of the patients was a six-year-old, she came in with a stomach virus and was complaining of vomit and diarrhea. As we continued asking questions, we found that she was a twin sister. Her mom had to choose between having the children and her life due to high blood pressure complications. Unfortunately, one of the twins passed away in her womb before being born.

This was a very difficult moment as I remember that my mom went through a similar situation. my mom was going to pass away as she had me and my twin brother. In that moment I saw my mom in her eyes. I didn’t know how to help or feel. I just know that this mother is trying to feel the ground as she moves forward.

I then remembered the wise words of Dr. Stephanie, when we don’t know how to feel or even why we are here, just stop and listen. Open your heart and everything will come to you. Most importantly feel the ground and be present.

-Alexa Prado


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