“The City of Hope”


After the first couple of days in Guatemala I’m left with many feelings but the most powerful being gratitude. 

Patients entered clinic with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts. No matter the illness, the pain, the heat, these people came from all over smiling and thanking everyone for coming to Guatemala to help them. 

The light in their souls goes undimmed.  It’s the kind of simplicity and love that I know Jesus has, and wishes all His children expressed. 

I don’t have the words to articulate the love felt between Guatemalan and clinical staff and students. 
The word agape means “a token of Christian fellowship” and is typically used in reference to the love Christ has for us. This seems to be the closest word to the feeling of companionship that my Guatemalan brothers and sisters have for their American friends. The type of love that is limitless, unbound, unconditional and undeserved. The type of love that simply cannot be explained in the tongue of man, but in the actions led by Christ. The type of love emulated in the hearts of the Guatemalans. 

It’s truly a privilege to be placed in Ciudad de la Esperanza and work alongside some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. To watch our team doing our passion and healing; to watch our hearts being healed.

To see God in every face, feeling and emotion is incredible. He is present in every storm and rainbow and is reminding me constantly of His love for me and my brothers and sisters. 

I hope to love those around me even a fraction as well as the Guatemalans love us and one another. The world could gain a lot from seeing the hearts of those around us. 
Avery Anderson 



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