Thank you

To better understand the needs of the community in Coban, we’re conducting a community needs assessment (CNA). The purpose of the CNA is to broadly evaluate the basic needs within the community such as health, safety, housing, food, water, education, and employment. Students and several health professionals who reside in the community interviewed patients at the clinic. These students and health professionals are from the disciplines of social work, psychology, and nursing. Our hope is to better understand and meet the needs of the community by gathering these data. Further, we plan to apply for grant funding and these data will enable us to share quantitative assessment data with prospective funders. 

A thank you to our Regis University students...

~ thank you for caring deeply about the Guatemalan people

~ thank you for thinking seriously about inequities for indigenous people

~ thank you for engaging fully with every single patient you met 

~ thank you for opening your hearts, minds, and souls 

~ thank you for serving as positive role models for my daughter 

~ thank you for wanting to make this world a better place one person at a time

~ thank you for embracing differences and finding similarities in our humanness 

~ thank you for joining me as we learn and grow together 

~ thank you for providing culturally competent care

~ thank you for showing empathy and compassion in your actions and words

Go...set the world on fire! 

St. Ignatius of Loyola 
Dr.Tristen Amador


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