Laugh, Pray, and Play

My time so far in La Ciudad de la Esperanza has been amazing in so many ways and nothing I say will really capture it, but I’m going to try anyway! 

First I want to talk about what I have been doing in clinic. I have been able to shadow and assist with so many different doctors and I have already learned so much. I especially loved my time in the dental room with Dr. Christian on Tuesday! As a pre-dental student I have shadowed many times and seen lots of teeth but this experience was unique. For one I actually got to assist which just reaffirmed my desire to be a dentist. Second, it was really eye opening to see the oral health of these patients and how they were managing with the pain and issues. Today I was in the pharmacy with Dr. Eric and I thought it was really meaningful talking and praying with the patients. Even though we didn’t speak the same language we could have a space and time to be grateful and reflect. Also I was in the pediatric room with Dr. Lauri today too. I learned a lot about development and got to see same cute babies. Honestly today was my favorite day so far!

The second thing I want to talk about is the joyful, gracious, and playful environment that surrounds the clinic and school. Everyone that I have met has been so full of life and accepting of my not so good Spanish skills. It is a big change from normal for everyone to be so welcoming and warm. Additionally, I have really enjoyed playing with the children in Cobán. Whether it is bubbles or a ball or random objects in the peds room, the children love to play and are so excited to do so. Again, even though we don’t speak the same language we can still laugh, pray, and play together.

Molly Schmanke


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