First Day

While riding on the bus through the rolling hills of Guatemala yesterday, I kept wondering what I had signed up for. I was so eager and thrilled for this incredible opportunity, but also anxious and doubted my abilities. These nerves were immediately alleviated upon arriving in La Ciudad De La Esperanza this morning. The community was so welcoming and grateful, and the team instantly bonded and worked together to provide the best care possible.

I was in awe of the heart for medicine and the crafted skills in all the healthcare providers. I shadowed in dentistry and physical therapy today. From watching Dr. Christian's care and tenacity completing extractions for patients in a comfortable manner, to experiencing Dr. Deb's and Dr. Lisa's ability to connect with patients and alleviate pain, I feel so inspired to be the kind of conscientious, loving, and thorough healthcare provider they are.

The incredible patients I met today also had a profound impact on me. I am so humbled to be able to help and contribute to a longitudinal, sustainable mission. It is heartbreaking and difficult to watch children experience hardship and chronic illness, and not be able to take away their pain. I was struck by the sheer joy and happiness in the pediatric patients, despite their hardships. 

Watching the joy on not only patient's, but also their family's faces when receiving an orthopedic foot piece to help them walk was something I will never forget. Being able to share memories, laughter, and provide support to patients was a true blessing. I am eager to experience more incredible moments like this in the next few days!

Sarah Sullivan


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