The Bush That Will Not Be Consumed

Exodus 3v3
March 7th

Faith is believing in things that cannot be seen or touched. Believing that a new morning will rise and that the stars or moon will greet you in the night. Believing that a place in which we have touched will be better than how it was received. Believing that the hands of 24 people can become a bush that fire cannot consume.

The day started off with a tour of Antigua, starting from hotel El Carmen all the way the Chapel of St. Hermano Pedro. Partaking in a little shopping therapy and walking through the main square, the sights and sounds of Antigua proved that a gem always exist in the littlest places possible. With credit card responsibilities forgotten and a few sunburns later, we partook on the next adventure, a Mayan Ceremony.

With a bumpy road and 2000km up towards the mountains, not only did we get a better view of the city, but we got closer to heaven. Surrounded by my new family, we sat around the fire pit awaiting the Mayan priestess to begin the ceremony. From delicately placed colored candles to topping the fire pit with rosemary, tree sap and molasses, we began the journey to greeting the 20 nawals. Nawals are the different gods of the Mayan religion. 

With the history of the ritual being explained beside the crackling fire, we greeted the atmosphere with our prayers, heart’s desires, and hopes of the unforeseen future. Each individual partook in throwing in a grouping of colored candles to the mixture of tangible aromas, also throwing in our beliefs. While watching the colors of the candles blend together, I saw that we were believers. We believed in the process, we believed in the purpose, we believed in the people.

My burning bush was right in front of me. I was sitting with a group of movers and shakers, good upholders, believers, peace makers, healers, mentors and most importantly they were heart fillers. Voids that I didn’t know existed in me were filled as the smoke from the burning fiery pit filled the sky.

With opened eyes I was grateful for the community of la Cuidad de la Esperanza, I was grateful for the country, I was grateful for the journey and most importantly I was grateful for the people. 24 people taught me that when we come together we are more than ten fingers and ten toes, more than thirteen major joints, more than our mind, hearts and willpower combined. We were a force that could not be moved with a united mission in mind. We wanted to make the world a better place by helping, educating, nourishing and most importantly loving one individual at a time. Together we are a giant light that burned like the one we encircled, but unlike that one we became the burning bush that will not be consumed.

Tumilara Idowu


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