Indescribable Adventures

 To write a singular reflection in which I convey all the impactful moments of this trip seemed to be an impossible undertaking. Instead, I chose to write this. I felt as if you could “hear” some of their voices, you may begin to develop a glimpse into our week of indescribable adventures. I guess you could call it a compilation of a few quotes that have left an imprint on my heart. 

Thank you for what you are doing here. May God bless you with more than what I have.” - Darlin      

      Instantaneously, I was perplexed after hearing this statement. This was articulated by the teacher, an angel, of “Escuelita Feliz” (Little Happy School) after telling us about their mission, how the school runs and whom the school serves. The school resides right by the garbage dump. A dump. Let me paint a little bit of a picture for you: imagine trying to learn your ABC’s with the smell of rotten garbage while surrounded by human beings rummaging through what someone else deemed “garbage” for a source of nutrients or income. Imagine crows/ vultures circling, bugs flying, the scorching sun and unwanted items haphazardly thrown. It was beside this “mess” that dreams and enchantment were cultivated at this “Little Happy School” by the hands of this angel. I am still grappling with the humility of this angel who talked to our team. I feel that I was unable to express my gratitude for her life’s work. She had so much goodwill towards us which left me feeling unworthy. Unworthy in the sense that we had done so little in the grand scheme of everything. As I write this, I remind myself the words of Padre Sergio...

No necesitas más para cambiar el mundo” which translates to “You don’t need much to change the world”. 

       Originally, this statement was accompanied by a pot of beans and a soccer ball. This was the beginning of La Ciudad de Esperanza, or The City of Hope, which has grown into the amazing organization it is today. It’s evident that this beautiful community of hope has left an everlasting imprint on my heart. Yesterday was the last day to clinic and it was a hard goodbye to say, at the very least. 

Abre sus ojos“ or “Open your eyes” - A line from a song constantly played at La Ciudad de Esperanza.

       Throughout the week we have spoken about taking the mindfulness, joy and memories to our everyday life. After reading this, I hope that you are able to bring the glimmer of indescribable adventures that you now have to your everyday life. Open your eyes and find the beautiful souls in your city of hope.

 I will forever be thinking about these beautiful souls in this city of hope. 

Kate Scott


  1. Beautiful Kate. You are a kind soul, not only did you leave with a imprint on your heart, you left one of them. Way to leave a comfort zoneaand go on such an amazing adventure.


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